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Monday, 25 June 2012

What makes a good photo become a great photo?

Every photographer will have a different answer to this and for everyone taking or looking at pictures it is something different.

Is it the composition? The light? The beautiful subject? Yes, these are all necessary for a great shot, but for me, the wow factor comes from something else, a natural photograph, the one the subject didn't realise was being taken.

Once the science of photography is understood many technically perfect pictures can be taken but there is often that something special missing. I spend a lot of time on the net looking at other photographers work and the ones that make me stop and go "wow" are the ones where a very special moment has been captured. One of my favourite photographers whose work I love to look at and take inspiration from is jeansmithphotography.com so many of her photos are just incredible and really appear to capture the essence of the subject (being in the US there is usually great light too!)

After a busy day taking photos yesterday one of my favourite pictures was actually after the session when the light was just getting good and was completely natural and unrelated to the actual photo shoot. Just a girl and a horse.

This has reminded me why that, despite the UK's very unpredictable and often appalling weather, I am perserving with natural, outdoors photography and why I am not working in a white studio. The shots may be harder to achieve but then one comes along that I am just so proud to have taken.

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